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Chemical and Pharma

UltraFab offers wide range of functional products widely used in chemical and pharma industry. These equipments are manufactured from high grade raw materials with latest design and technology ensuring long life with least maintenance.


Products range:

Jacketed reactors - Jacketed reactor has a jacket surrounding the main vessel. During reaction, temperature of reactants is controlled by circulating heating or cooling media through the jacket. Ideally suitable for the heating below 150 C. Commonly used heat transfer media include water, steam, hot oil such as Therminol, and Dowtherm A.

Limpet coil reactor - Limpet coil reactor vessels are used to control the temperature of the reactants with the help of heating or cooling media circulated through coils surrounding the main vessel. Ideally suitable for medium heat transfer requirement and heating application where heating media temperature is above 150 C. Coils are half piped welded on the outer side of the main vessel.

Heat exchangers - Heat Exchangers are designed and manufactured to facilitate indirect heat transfer between the two fluids. The two fluids can be liquid and liquid or vapor and liquid. The shell-and-tube heat exchanger has two main areas – Tube side and Shell side. Shell and tube heat exchangers are used as condensers, reboilers, process heaters, coolers and falling film evaporator.

Leaf filters - The slurry is pumped under pressure into a vessel that is fitted with a stack of vertical leaves that serve as filter elements. Each leaf has a centrally located neck at its bottom which is inserted into a manifold that collects the filtrate. The leaf is constructed with ribs on both sides to allow free flow of filtrate towards the neck and is covered with coarse mesh screens that support the finer woven metal screens or filter cloth that retain the cake.

Storage tanks - Chemical storage tanks are used to store the raw chemicals, intermediate chemicals or final chemicals.

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